27: Nichol Bradford: Co-Founder of the Transformative Tech Conference and Transformative Tech Lab on Catalyzing the Health, Happiness, and Fullest Potential of Every Human


Having access to the skills or the opportunities to experience the skills that would give someone the foundation of health, happiness and fulfill their potential – that is really what it is about. – Nichol Bradford, Founder, CEO, and Transformative Technology Pioneer. 

Changing her life after an attack by choosing not to allow being in the wrong place at the right time, Nichol Bradford, through her incredible inner drive of curiosity and possibility, dedicated her life to working at the intersection of human-centered technology and wellbeing.  

Highlights of today’s episode:

  • Her drive of curiosity and possibility at her core
  • Working at the intersection of human-centered tech and wellbeing 
  • Her curiosity related to how things work
  • Her love of science fiction and thinking about problems against a different backdrop
  • How her deep influence by Star Trek created a deep love of technology
  • Applying technology to the inner landscape
  • Being attacked in a park and how choosing not to allow being in the wrong place at the right time changed her life
  • Her love for building Excel models, reading, meditation, boxing and martial arts
  • Studying with Dan Brown to see the vast ocean of awareness
  • Her experiences while meditating 
  • Waking up while dreaming
  • Deep personalization and awareness
  • The Transformative Technology Conference 
  • Technologies that help us understand ourselves better

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