25: Professor John Mew: His Determination To Find Answers To Important Questions


There is a reason for everything. – Professor John Mew, British orthodontist and the creator of Orthotropics and the practice of Mewing.

After being diagnosed as dyslexic, failing his final dentistry exam three times, and then going on to fail his specialist exam eight times, Professor John Mew, through his remarkable persistence and determination, created The Tropic Premise and the rules of Mewing and has gone to help over ten million people’s lives.   

Today’s conversation highlights: 

  • The feeling of being obliged to help people out
  • ‘There is a reason for everything’ – a simple message from his father 
  • His determination to find answers to important and complex questions
  • His philosophical discussions with his dentist father
  • Overcoming dyslexia 
  • Persistence
  • His competitiveness in sport
  • Happiness is a change in your level of contentment 
  • Reading books on ideas and theories 
  • His fascination in researching
  • Sleep apnea and difficulty breathing at night
  • Orthodontics and being an oral surgeon
  • The Tropic Premise and the rules of Mewing
  • Keeping your mouth shut
  • The theory of brain action, and the process of cell division and growth

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