23: Jacqueline Way: the executive director and founder of 365give on happiness, performance and giving back


When you are at your peak performance and when you are at the happiest place in your life is the time where you can not only perform as an individual but you can perform your best as a company, and you can perform your best as a leader within your company. – Jacqueline Way, founder of 365give which is a charitable organization dedicated to inspiring and educating the hearts and minds of people to create lasting positive global change

After successfully running a special events company, Jacqueline founded 365give with her son Nic and brothers Tyler and Sterling with the dream to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone.

Today’s conversation focused around:

  • Finding your ‘why’ –  Why are you here on this planet
  • Fundraising for a major Canadian bank while owning a special events company
  • Raising a kind, compassionate, and happy child
  • The struggle to understand her value
  • Feeling your self worth
  • Getting clear on your end game, and taking time for yourself
  • Taking action to change your chemical base 
  • What it feels like to be in a deep state of meditation and infinite energy
  • Getting clear on the things that make you happy
  • Meditation prior to sleep
  • Happy ‘school-at-home’, plus helping teachers and kids to find their happy places
  • Performance in every aspect of your life
  • The journey to happy that interconnects with business and personal 
  • Everyone is looking for happiness: how to get there and how to sustain it

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