18: Patrick McKeown: Breathing for Your Brain (Buteyko Method)

“We need to train the brain to be focused, and one way to do that is by focusing on the breath.” – Patrick McKeown. 

Patrick is a breathing practitioner, author of The Oxygen Advantage and The Breathing Cure, and founder of the Buteyko Clinic. After struggling with asthma and difficulty concentrating when he was younger, Patrick changed his breathing to be strictly through the nose — and his life changed completely. Now, he has dedicated his life to teaching others how to breathe for better concentration, sleep, and stress management. 

Learn how to change your life by working on your breathing with some of today’s highlights: 

  • How Patrick matched his career to his skillset 
  • How breathing through his nose changed his life 
  • MYTH: the more air you breathe, the better for the body. 
  • How to train the brain to think, but also to STOP thinking! 
  • Reaching flow states through nose breathing, slow breathing, and practice 
  • The importance of sleep

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