17: Elissa Fisher Harris: Living a Life of Purpose and Intention

“It’s never too early or late to tap into finding your purpose.” — Elissa Fisher, partner and Chief Impact Officer of 5th Element Group. 

After losing two husbands and living in a house with toxic exposure that impacted her health, Elissa came to center everything she does around the intersection between purpose and wellbeing. In today’s episode, she speaks to us about her projects and how she finds fulfillment with her work at 5th Element Group. 

Today’s conversation with the host of A World on Purpose podcast: 

  • Revolving everything she does around purpose, and the intersection between purpose and wellbeing
  • How her tumultuous childhood taught her to be resilient, to bring out her best self 
  • Some of the pivotal moments when she got clarity on her path 
  • The digital learning platform for the first-ever Women’s History Museum 
  • Supporting the Community Healing Gardens project, which distributes fresh fruits and vegetables to underprivileged communities 
  • Some of the ways she offers acts of kindness 
  • Her incredible and fulfilling work at 5th Element Group 
  • Her new podcast: A World on Purpose 

Be sure to follow Elissa on Instagram, and LinkedIn and learn more about the 5th Element Group here. Also, don’t miss out on her podcast A World on Purpose, listen to it here!

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