16: Charlie Hartwell: Passionate Venture Capital Investor Who Is Elevating Humanity And Increasing Awareness

“When I am in my passion, I am co-creating global movements.” – Charlie Hartwell. 

Charlie is a passionate investor who wants to elevate humanity and increase awareness through supporting entrepreneurs and companies in the health and wellness industries. If you are an entrepreneur interested in talking with investors, you don’t want to miss today’s conversation with Charlie! 

Charlie is a partner at Bridge Builders Collaborative, a group of investors focused on mental wellness, consciousness and spirituality based startups. Some key takeaways from today’s conversation with him:

  • The moment he realized he wanted to make an impact 
  • How to navigate between trying to make an impact and trying to fit in into a family system where you don’t feel supported
  • Nature as a consistent technology throughout his life 
  • His experience in the Dominican Republic with whales
  • What Insight Timer  is, and how Charlie uses it
  • His passion for investing in health and wellness companies to elevate humanity
  • Some of the most recent companies he’s been involved with 
  • And the importance of doing the work to connect to your life purpose 

Be sure to connect with Charlie on LinkedIn and through his Medium blog here. Learn more about Bridge Builders Collaborative here and The ShiftIt Institute here

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