14: Jamie Sale: How An Olympic Gold Medalist Helps You Reach Your Highest Potential

“I’m very, very passionate about helping individuals, teams and leaders to be able to bring out even more potential than they could without me.” – Jamie Sale, Olympic Gold medalist and founder of Jamie Sale International. After her career as an Olympic athlete, Jamie wanted to keep impacting other people’s lives, so she dedicated her life to become an incredible motivational life coach. Through her programs, she helps teams, organizations and individuals reach their highest potential. She is also very involved with – and is a huge advocate for – the Special Olympics and people with special needs. 

As an Olympic athlete, Jamie has been able to transfer her knowledge to many clients and organizations. Today’s conversations revolve around: 

  • How she is navigating her career in coaching 
  • How her parents’ divorce shaped her 
  • Skating as her escape and safe place 
  • Some of the flow states she experiences while skating 
  • That moment when she decided she wanted to be a champion 
  • Her performance during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics 
  • Why she wakes up every day with a grateful heart 
  • Her work with the Special Olympics 

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