12: Dr. Orin Davis: The First-Ever Ph.D. in Positive Psychology

“As soon as I figured out what human potential was — and the idea that if we can each maximize our human potential, we’re able to make a unique contribution to the world—I wanted to find out, what’s the algorithm for that?” – Dr. Orin Davis earned the first doctorate in positive psychology, is the principal consultant of the Quality of Life Laboratory, and is a research scientist focused on experiencing flow, creativity and self-actualization. 

Some of the highlights of today’s conversation with Dr. Davis: 

  • What drives Orin at his core 
  • His parents’ influence on him as a kid to become a critical thinker
  • What gets him to flow states 
  • What he does to maintain happiness in his daily life 
  • His research on flow, microflow and creativity 
  • His work related to workplace culture, employee engagement and high performance in the workspace 
  • His advice on knowing yourself! 

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