11: Claude Silver: The First Chief Heart Officer on Living a Life of Service.

“What drives me at my core is my pilot light which is my purpose and that is to facilitate growth and change and truly – truly – be of service. I think that having a heart that is generous and a spirit that is generous is really the most important thing to me. And remembering that every single day, no matter who I’m speaking with or what I’m saying. I’m basically leaving my legacy with them. I’m leaving a heart print or my own fingerprint on them. And I want that to be a positive one.” – One of the best quotes from this powerful episode with Claude Silver, the first Chief Heart Officer, lead of VaynerMedia and a best-selling author. 

Claude joins today’s podcast directly across from the ocean, where she loves to be! She shares with John some incredible stories about her life and how she currently is impacting the workspace and the lives of the people she encounters. Some of the highlights of today’s episode are: 

  • How feeling like the cheerleader and the captain of her sports team has come with her all her life 
  • Battling with being dyslexic and all that came with it 
  • Her love for music 
  • Her relationship with the water
  • Filling out her gratitude journal every night! 
  • Practicing sun salutations to stretch her body and open her heart
  • The anti-racial and diversity and inclusion initiatives she is leading at VaynerMedia
  • The process she is going through with her first book
  • And making people feel like the magnificent creatures they really are! 

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