09: Susie Ellis: Empowering Wellness World Wide

“I feel like I have been called to help empower wellness worldwide, and I have been doing it for 4 decades!” – Susie Ellis, Chair and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit, and celebrated keynote speaker. Susie is one of the pioneers in the wellness world responsible for growing the industry for several decades. With her passion and perseverance, she has proven her trailblazing methods and changed the perception of the wellness industry across the globe. 

We are very fortunate to have spoken with Susie about her career, her initiatives, and projects, and her life. Some of today’s highlights are: 

  • What influenced Susie Ellis to do what she does now
  • Why she is known as the ‘godmother of the spa industry’ 
  • Understanding the difference between wellness and spa… wellness and wellbeing 
  • The progress that has been made with the medical field 
  • Getting a call from the Vatican and working with the pope on his new vision for health!
  • This year’s Global Wellness Summit plans
    • Watch it on-demand here

Be sure to follow Susie Ellies on LinkedIn and learn more about the Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit here. You can also contact her at susie@globalwellnesssummit.com

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