07: Jim Estill: Being Grateful And The Syrian Project

“Gratitude for me is the root and the key to happiness. So the simplest exercise is to have gratitude journal and every morning, just write a few lines of the things I’m grateful for. And I will tell you anything that is causing problems pales by comparison to what I could be grateful for.” Jim Estill is the CEO at Danby Appliance and ShipperBee, but most importantly he’s a compassionate human being that loves to help others. One of his biggest and most impactful projects consisted of sponsoring hundreds of Syrian refugees to come to Canada. 

Some of the highlights from today’s episode: 

  • His personal and professional path that has led him to where he is now 
  • How he uses breathing to center himself 
  • What led him to start the Syrian Project and how it’s going now. 
  • His happiness formula! 
  • How he recharges 
  • How he pivoted after seeing the effects of COVID 19 on people 
  • And knowing what your core values are!

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