06: Jim Olds: Connectivity in All Of Science And Making Command Decisions

Jim Olds is a university professor of Neuroscience and Public Policy at George Mason University, has served as head of the Biological Sciences Directorate at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), was the director and CEO of the George Mason University’s Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study and has managed billions of dollars across his career. 

He joins John on today’s episode to speak about an array of topics including: 

  • How his family background influenced his career path 
  • How he reinvented himself after he was denied tenure at the national institutes of health 
  • The importance of making command decisions! 
  • How getting into flow states allows him to see alternatives to fix problems
  • The perspective that all science is connected 
  • Why COVID-19 is so fascinating and how smoking influences the virus.

Be sure to check out Jim’s blog here!  

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