05: Marvin Singh: Taking Control Of Your Health With Integrative Medicine

“Integrative medicine is understanding that there are a lot more different elements to health and a lot more solutions to wellness than you would see on the surface, it’s not all about pharmaceuticals.” Marvin Singh is a keynote speaker, a triple board-certified medical doctor, a bestselling author, and the founder and CEO of Precisione Clinic. His life purpose revolves around helping people in meaningful ways so that they take control back over their health and not feel lost. 

At an early age, Marvin blamed himself and looked down at himself until he reframed his perspective and saw how many possibilities life gives us! Today’s conversation with Dr. Singh was incredibly powerful, here are some key takeaways:

  • How Dr. Singh took control over the adversities he faced earlier in life and turned them into a career to help people
  • Who introduced him to integrative gastroenterology and why he pursued a career in it
  • Using breath work to achieve flow states (plus his powerful description of a flow state!)
  • What integrative medicine is and why it’s so important

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