04: Karen Guggenheim: The Science of Happiness

“Pain is a great catalyst for change.” Karen Guggenheim is a social entrepreneur, speaker and co-founder of WOHASU®, World Happiness Summit, and H-20 Government meeting. Karen has gone through traumatic experiences throughout her life, but she’s taken control of her personal and work life by living purposefully and deciding to be happy by understanding the science of happiness! 

Her conversation with John was extremely powerful, you wouldn’t want to miss it. These are some of the highlights: 

  • What she takes away from her upbringing in Nicaragua. 
  • Being KIND and living with purpose! 
  • How she took the decision to live happy after her husband passed away 
  • Her secret to journaling and expressive writing. 
  • How purposeful breathing saved her life. 

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Until next week; keep breathing in your Happiness Oxygen.

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