03: Momo Vuyisich: Manage your gut microbiomes and prevent diseases

“One of the most dramatic things that’s changed is the overuse of antibiotics and preservatives in food. We really have to understand that we are being poisoned and the food industry has done a fantastic job of covering that up.” Powerful words from the conversation with Momo Vuyisich, the founder and Chief Science Officer of Viome. 

After rheumatoid arthritis took over his life, Momo has been determined to not only publish scientific papers and data but turn his findings into resources that can help humanity. Some of the episode highlights: 

  • Project managing and discipline as keys to success
  • Preventing and containing chronic disease through dieting 
  • The power of gardening! 
  • Viome’s blood and fecal tests to understand your microbiomes 
  • Asking the right question: which humans is this food good for? And which humans is this food bad for?

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