Get to know the extraordinary guests featured on Happiness 2.02

Who are the extraordinary people doing remarkable work we feature on Happiness 2.02? They come from different walks of life, and each has taken a different approach to making a significant difference in the world. 

While their work touches billions of lives, some guests are individuals you know and some guests work tirelessly reshaping our world behind the scenes. Before you listen to their interviews, we wanted to share a little bit of information about some of our early guests and their respective contributions.

Mark Metry is Forbes and TEDx featured keynote speaker, author, and host of a global top 100 podcast. His podcast features world-class experts, athletes and CEOs. His goal is to have them share their experiences so listeners can apply that wisdom to daily life. He is driven by a mission to improve life for others.

“Everything I do from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep is ingrained with moving humanity forward, religious obedience towards the truth & love, and for the overall betterment of every random individual around the world.”

Luis Gallardo is so incredibly dedicated to the pursuit of happiness that he founded and is the president of the World Happiness Foundation and World Happiness Fest. He is also the author of Happytalism and The Exponentials of Happiness and is the Director of the Gross Global Happiness program at the United Nations University for Peace. As a social innovator and entrepreneur, Luis is focused on developing ideas, connecting thought leaders, activists and communities and increasing awareness on the science of happiness, holistic education and smart innovation. 

“Happiness is a human right and a life choice, an enabler of human development and social innovation.” 

Momo Vuyisich is a co-founder and the Chief Science Officer at Viome, a company that is dedicated to helping individuals understand what their bodies need to be healthy so they can prevent and even reverse chronic disease. Before co-founding Viome in 2016, Momo spent 12 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was the leader of the Applied Genomics team. His research focused on applying modern genomics to the areas of gut microbiomes, host-pathogen and microbial inter-species interactions, pathogen detection, cancer biology, toxicology, infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, forensics, etc.

“One of the most dramatic things that’s changed is the overuse of antibiotics and preservatives in food. We really have to understand that we are being poisoned and the food industry has done a fantastic job of covering that up.” 

Karen Guggenheim is a social entrepreneur, speaker and co-founder of WOHASU®, World Happiness Summit, and H-20 Government meeting. Karen personally went through the incredibly traumatic experience of losing her beloved husband, but instead of the experience defeating her, Karen has found new strength and lives a life with tremendous purpose through understanding and sharing the science of happiness across global initiatives.   

“Pain is a great catalyst for change.” 

Learn more about these remarkable people by tuning in to Happiness 2.02.

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