01: Mark Metry: Overcoming Social Anxiety

“When I found out that social anxiety is actually a real thing that gave me a lot of power.” In this first episode of the Happiness 2.02 podcast John takes a deep dive into social anxiety with Mark Metry, a Forbes featured Keynote Speaker, host of the Global Top 100 podcast ‘Humans 2.0’, and New York Times Bestselling author. 

After learning how to manage and overcome anxiety, Mark has dedicated his life to spreading his story and helping others who have gone through similar struggles. Some key topics from today’s episode include: 

  • Key life events that helped Mark start his journey
  • How Mark learned what social anxiety is
  • The misrepresentation of the word SHY! (Go read his book: Screw Being Shy)
  • Achieving flow of states to become the best version of yourself 

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