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Imagine having the power to breathe in and create happiness oxygen. How would that change your life? Happiness 2.02 is a mental-health show for anyone who wants to access their full human cognition, increase energy and develop high-performance tools they need to find happiness oxygen and reach their next level.  

I started this podcast to feature extraordinary people doing remarkable work. Happiness 2.02 serves to bring remarkable people who are moving the needle to make a significant difference in the world. Our hope is that guests rapidly learn from one another so they can accelerate their respective journeys and amplify their global initiatives.

I created this podcast with a feeling of depth and oxygen, with the idea of getting to source, and breathing in new life a breath of fresh air. 

This podcast is not about the people that are making small 1% changes in the world and maintaining the status quo. It is about the people who are making significant changes. 

I want you to learn from the most interesting and remarkable people who have dedicated their lives to making all of our lives better. By listening to the podcast, you can absolutely expect to gain actionable insights to upgrade your own happiness, health, wellness and wellbeing.

You’ll become more knowledgeable and conscious about how your everyday decisions can impact your life – from your energy and mental health to your performance at work and your relationships with family in the context of a global community. 

This podcast has everything to do with finding your happiness oxygen to unlock extraordinary power, and sharing this incredible body of knowledge, with the people who are ready for it, so they too can rapidly find their happiness oxygen.

We hope you join us on this journey and discover your own happiness oxygen!

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