Breath 2.0: How I Upgraded My Breathing Operating System

I have had the good fortune to escape death twice. The first time was at birth when I was turned the wrong way.

I nearly didn’t make it to my first breath.

Then at age 7 when I choked on ice. I nearly didn’t make it to my next breath.


Later in life, breathing again became a challenge. After playing elite volleyball for several years in University and jumping 2-3 feet off the ground and landing on the same foot, my heart was misaligned, my gut was misaligned, my lungs were misaligned, my breathing was entirely misaligned. 

These experiences set me on a new path, with a goal of helping others along the way. I have a healthy reverence for breathing and its importance. I have made it a life pursuit.  

How We Breathe Is More Important Than Ever Before

With COVID-19, there has never a more important time to be conscious of what you breathe in. These days, each of us worry as we shop for groceries or even hug a loved one. However, you can upgrade your breathing operating system. 

You breathe 25,000 times per day. This equates to about 30lbs of air each day. It’s remarkable. How you breathe in is incredibly important and directly impacts your ability to: 

  • oxygenate your blood for greater mental clarity
  • sleep better
  • fight off viruses 
  • upright your posture to breathe even easier

Aligning My Breath

With my breathing entirely misaligned, I knew I needed to stop looking externally for solutions. 

I discovered a new way to build strength and rebuild breathing capacity – I noticed what it did across my life. Through trial and retrial, I discovered the specific postures and new ways to leverage breathing that helped me re-architect my body and my mind.

Ultimately, I upgraded my breathing operating system. Now, my life’s work is focussed on helping others learn to gain mental health and strength with the tools, techniques and inspiration that will lead to better breathing and a better life. As a boy, I had a fear of breathing – to the point of mumbling. I would have never been able to interview world-renowned executives and remarkable leaders if I hadn’t figured out a way to rebuild breathing capacity. 

Discover Your Happiness Oxygen

The Happiness 2.02 Podcast is one way I can help others discover their happiness oxygen. Each week, Happiness 2.02 highlights organization founders, world-renowned executives, MDs, PHDs, and remarkable leaders who are reshaping our world and providing hope based on what’s possible through their breakthroughs in mindset, biology, and health.

We hope you join us on this journey and discover your own happiness oxygen!

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